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Reseller Hosting Plan

From professional business to enterprise, we’ve got you covered!






Renews at $10.00/month



Renews at $20.00/month



Renews at $40.00/month



Renews at $70.00/month




Save 60% on 1st Year

You pay $48 — Renews at $120/year




Save 57% on 1st Year

You pay $103—Renews at $240/year




Save 54% on 1st Year

You pay $221—Renews at $480/year




Save 51% on 1st Year

You pay $412—Renews at $840/year

Full Technical Specifications

Enjoy the ease and power of our platform, which is developed specifically for Resellers.


99.9% Uptime

Availability of your website is our priority and we stand by it with the promise of 99.9% uptime.


Your Hosting package comes with cPanel, to manage your website and associated services like emails and DNS


In addition to multiple layers of server-level security, whichever plan you choose includes an SSL certificate 

24x7 Expert Support

Initiate a call, chat or raise a ticket and our team of experts will help you resolve any query related to your reseller hosting plan.

FreQuent ASKED Question

Reseller Hosting allows you to construct sub-packages inside your primary package’s allocated disc space and bandwidth. WHM may also be used to make special bundles for your customers. Start your online company with one of India’s leading reseller hosting providers.

When you choose a plan, you’ll be given access to your Web Host Manager (WHM) application through cPanel. This is where you may establish and manage all of your reseller accounts on the server, even those that may be occupied by other resellers. (Remember that all accounts produced are referred to as “resold accounts.”) Your hosting provider, Webgraph Hosting, determines your reseller privileges.

Do you want to know if buying Reseller Hosting is a good investment? It most certainly is! Let’s look at an example from the real world. Let’s assume you purchase a $20/month Reseller Hosting account from us. If your account permits you to host 40 consumers, the fee per customer is only $.50. You will make $400 in income if you charge each of your clients $10 per month (40 consumers multiplied by $10 per month). After deducting the $20/month Reseller account fee, your profit is $380/month. As you can see, Reseller Hosting is a great way to generate money!

Purchase a Reseller Hosting bundle as the first step. After you’ve chosen your plan, you’ll utilise the associated WebHostManager (WHM) management panel to get your Reseller Hosting business up and running. Create unique cPanel accounts for each of your clients using WHM. Additional capabilities in WHM include the ability to create and cancel web hosting packages, control account security, and much more!

You may manage your websites/clients in one Reseller Hosting plan rather than many Shared Hosting packages if you are a Web Developer/Designer. This would also lower the cost of hosting your website tremendously. You may also resell hosting to your existing clients as a value-added service or as a distinct corporation.

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