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Renews at $10.00/month



Renews at $20.00/month



Renews at $35.00/month



Renews at $55.00/month




Save 60% on 1st Year

You pay $48 — Renews at $120/year




Save 57% on 1st Year

You pay $103—Renews at $240/year




Save 54% on 1st Year

You pay $194—Renews at $420/year




Save 51% on 1st Year

You pay $324—Renews at $660/year


Our virtual private servers are built from the ground up using all SSD storage. Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites.

vps hosting features

Increased performance

Our servers are assembled and configured by Webgraph vps hosting, to deliver you optimal performance. Our VPS servers are powered by Intel next-generation architecture, NVMe SSD storage, and a highly resilient infrastructure, to meet your needs.


You get SSH and root access to your environment, affording you more control.


Enjoy ‘round-the-clock network monitoring with advanced DDoS protection and a free SSL certificate (for the first year) with a dedicated IP.

Unlimited 24/7 Support

Our expert Technical Support team is on standby to diagnose and solve any issues you encounter. No question is too basic or complex.

FreQuent ASKED Question

VPS hosting, often known as dedicated hosting, is a website hosting environment that allows you to allocate resources such as RAM and CPU to your account. This is accomplished by virtualizing a dedicated server and dividing the resources among the users.

Along with the management of hardware and network factors, we take entire care of server administration with Managed VPS Servers. So you can focus on your application and expanding your business, we provide technical knowledge and sophisticated support for security, updates, optimization, and proactive monitoring.
We continue to maintain the hardware and network components of your server with a Self-managed VPS Server, while the rest is handled by your in-house IT professionals.

Yes, our Managed VPS includes full root access, which means you have complete control over your server’s administration. You have total control over your Managed VPS Server with root access, and you may install any programme you want. We would like you to offer constant access to our Support staff in order to provide a high level of service.

Users of shared hosting share the server resources that their websites are hosted on. With shared hosting, there is no assurance of RAM or CPU. In contrast to a VPS plan, where users are granted full root access to conduct commands and make configuration changes to their hosting environment, shared hosting does not allow full root access to the server.

When you sign up for Webgraph hosting, your free trial will begin if you are qualified. You’ll need a credit card to verify your identification, but you won’t be charged or billed during the free trial period.

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